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Planning the next LAN...
Hey guys!

We are in the works planning the next LAN party in conjunction with Hackfort this coming March 2017!

We will make updates via the website/Facebook/Twitter so stay tuned!

If you guys need help with anything, I'm more than happy to do so!
I was out of Idaho for 2016, will we see any Heroes of the Storm at 5.0?

We haven't seen much Heroes of the Storm in the past LANs. League dominates the area here. If we got enough people interested though we could play Smile
Is there any information on parking? Where's the best spot/PC drop off?


So there is a lot of free street parking around Trailhead. Double check it is free though, the meter maids are really on top of things.

There is also paid parking that isn't too bad. I don't remember the daily cost but it wasn't much. Again the meter maids are on top of things. Once all parking expired at midnight and at 12:03 cars were being ticketed.

For drop off; it's best to come in and check in; like get badge and sign waiver. Then you can pull up front in the loading zone and unload then find a place to park. Usually how folks will do it.
What a great LAN guys, pictures will be up shortly. Thanks to all that attended!

We received feedback that people really liked the all inclusive random team games. We also received feedback people want more competitive team based games. I think for a future LAN we will post the tournament rules and whether they are competitive or not before hand; or have people do a vote on what they want to play.

Just working to find that balance of competition and fun. A previous LAN we were told too much competition and not enough fun for those the competition puts out. If you have feedback please use the contact us link or post here!

Again thanks everyone and thank you to our sponsors!

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