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Set up a discord server?
I know the idea of setting up a server floated around at about 2014ish but it doesn't seem it ever happened. Now that discord is a thing and it's free, easy to setup and can hold more than a couple thousand people, why not set one up for the community? I feel like it would help develop this community and make it much more active. It somewhat makes me sad that the forums barely get any activity on them and I feel like having more interaction between members would make this place much more fun. I've already set up a server and I can just give up its ownership to the admins otherwise they can make their own. What do you guys think?'

EDIT: if anyone wants to join since I haven't gotten any responses from admins here's the link:

It's obviously in early stages but I'm planning to add more whether is with bots or whatever else, suggestions are welcome Smile

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