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Pet Discussion Thread
Everyone, I want you to meet my pooch named Copper. He is a hyperactive Pomeranian who loves to play in the backyard. I cannot always keep an eye on him since I am working so to ensure his safety, I have decided to install a . I am so far happy since he already knows his boundary and he can still freely roam outside. He is usually with my aunt, my 2-years old niece. They really get along well and I am glad that he found his new buddy.

What a cutie! How old is Copper? How is the fence working out?

I recently got what Ill call a mostly Scottish Terrier (3/4 Scotty and 1/4 Yorkshire). He is quite hyper but very friendly. I have been training him now and it has been great; I haven't had a dog since I was a kid. Ill have to get a picture of him up here soon.

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