Power restrictions?

To reduce the chance of overloading power circuits and causing power outages, potentially damaging equipment and interrupting game time, BoiseLAN restricts and enforces a maximum of 600 watts of power per machine; about 3AMPS of power are allotted for each machine.

This is not the wattage rating of your power supply unit but the amount that is pulled from the power supply while under heavy load.

This is the same power rules as enforced at PDXLAN who has run 500+ person LAN parties for over 15 years. Their rules are as follows:

– Attendee seats are allotted 3.75 amps each.
– As a general rule, most single GPU systems, non overclocked parts, are below 3.75amps
– If you don’t know how much power your computer uses, check out a product called a “kill-o-watt” on Amazon
– To stress test your power draw, fire up a game or benchmark software to see what your max load is using a Kill-A-Watt.

If you’re unsure of how much power your system draws, you can rent a Kill-A-Watt from the Boise Public Library to measure your draw.